Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Welcome to Hymn Sing! I'm excited about this site and the opportunity to teach others about traditional worship music. In all the churches I've been a member of, each Sunday evening we've enjoyed a hymn sing. People from the congregation are invited to share their favorite and we sing it. I love hearing other people's favorites and getting a chance to sing mine from time to time. That is the inspiration behind Hymn Sing.

Disclaimer: I'm not opposed to contemporary worship music. This site is not here to bash contemporary music at all. The purpose is to develop and deepen an appreciation for the "old-time" hymns. I believe they have much to offer and we can learn much from them and the words these pious men and women penned.

My goal is to discuss a new hymn each week. Please feel free to jump in with a comment or a question. On Mondays, I will post the words and music to a new hymn. On Wednesdays, I'll give the background of the hymn, the author or composer, or some interesting facts. Fridays will be reserved for a devotional based on that hymn.

I hope you enjoy your time here. You're welcome to post to Facebook and Twitter and invite others to join us. Pass the word!

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